Maracyn TC ***Out of Stock***

Maracyn TC ***Out of Stock***
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Maracyn TC (Tetracycline) contains the broad-spectrum gram-negative antibiotic Tetracycline for treating and preventing common bacterial fish diseases in freshwater aquariums. Powder form dissolves quickly for fast results.MaracynŽ TC Antibiotic (Tetracycline) powder recommended for the treatment of Popeye, fin and tail rot, gill disease, and secondary infections. Benefit: Primarily effective against gram-negative pathogenic bacterial diseases of fish. Symptoms of clamped fins, general listlessness, not eating or other unusual behavior can be caused by internal infections and treatment with Tetracycline would be indicated. Tetracycline is recommended for the treatment of Popeye, Gill disease, Fin and Tail rot and secondary infections. All suspected bacterial infections should be treated immediately.

Use: Tetracycline is a broad-spectrum antibiotic which has been shown to be effective against a number of pathogenic bacteria associated with ornamental fish disease. Tetracycline may turn the water red and a foam may collect on the water surface. It will not interfere with the biological filter. New activated carbon or charcoal and partial water changes after treatment will remove any remaining color resulting from treatment. Powder should be administered into the tank (not the filter). The powder dissolves rapidly and circulates through the water. For use in freshwater tanks only. Active Ingredients: Each tablet contains 250mg Tetracycline hydrochloride activity.